Frequently Asked Questions

Many services are cycling friendly by definition. For example – bike shops, cycling education, cycling clubs. For accommodations and cafes, if you are interested in attracting more cyclists to your business we’re here to help. When you register you will have download an information booklet for no extra charge. This will help you on ways to service cyclists needs. 

VeloHospitality began in 2002 to spread the word about cycling in Canada. In 2020 we have relaunched the programme and we are expanding it worldwide. 

Cycle Canada, the Veloforce Corporation operates VeloHospitality.com. Cycle Canada also manages Tour du Canada the national Canadian cycling club. Tour du Canada’s mission statement in part is:

To encourage, conduct and promote complementary education and information programmes that further a general interest in cycling;

Cycle Canada would love to be all things to all people, but we can’t,  so we launched VeloHospitality to promote cycling in general and to deliver on Tour du Canada’s mission statement.

It’s a Great Day for a Bike Ride!