Journey is the destination

Shipping a Bike

A cyclist asks for advice on shipping a bike between Thunder Bay and Toronto, two Canadian cities 1500 km (932 miles) apart. We have a tip sheet on packing a bike for travel and then decided to do a little current research to broaden the advice readers may want.  Our survey shows a wide range

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Cyclists reading

Blog Roll April 2020

Editorial credit: Radu Razvan / Each month we’ll do a round-up of useful and Interesting articles about cycling. What Kind of Bike Should I Get? Along with the Global Pandemic has come a surge in cycling. If you are new to cycling or just getting back into it there’s lots of useful information to

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Ice cream cones

Tour de Treats

As believers in the adage “Drink Before You’re Thirsty, Eat Before You’re Hungry” we pay tribute to some very important members of the cycling industry – the bakers and pastry chefs of Canada. We are forever indebted to these hardworking individuals who provide us with the essential nourishment that sustains us on our daily outings.

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