Shipping a Bike

Journey is the destination

A cyclist asks for advice on shipping a bike between Thunder Bay and Toronto, two Canadian cities 1500 km (932 miles) apart. We have a tip sheet on packing a bike for travel and then decided to do a little current research to broaden the advice readers may want.  Our survey shows a wide range

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Legs of Amsterdam (Video)

Portrait of one of Amsterdam’s most authentic bicycle repairmen. In the fast-paced rhythm of everyday Amsterdam, Frans van der Meer runs his 90-year-old bike shop as one of the city’s most authentic bicycle repairmen. Shot and editted by:, music by Studio Palmboom

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What to Expect on your Next Hotel Stay

COVID-19 Guidance to the Hotel Sector. What to Expect The following is an excerpt from guidelines set out by the British Columbia, Canada Ministry of Health for hotel stays as they directly impact hotel guests. The full guidelines include practices for cleaning rooms, handling waste, laundry etc. Other governing bodies may have different guidelines so

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Use a Tissue – The New Normal

use a tissue

The number one way to make your nose blowing more hygienic is to do it in private, away from others. This prevents spreading airborne germs. You should also wrap your tissues in a plastic bag before throwing them away and wash your hands more often than usual. If you can’t get to a sink, clean

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Why We Cycle a film by

Video Cover Why We Cycle

Why We Cycle is available on Vimeo. The film is free for April 19 with a discount code (or pay and support the filmmaker). Update: The discount has now passed but you can support the film-maker by renting the movie for 24 hours, at $4.99 (US). Well worth the money! Some of the film is

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Blog Roll April 2020

Cyclists reading

Editorial credit: Radu Razvan / Each month we’ll do a round-up of useful and Interesting articles about cycling. What Kind of Bike Should I Get? Along with the Global Pandemic has come a surge in cycling. If you are new to cycling or just getting back into it there’s lots of useful information to

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Tour de Treats

Ice cream cones

As believers in the adage “Drink Before You’re Thirsty, Eat Before You’re Hungry” we pay tribute to some very important members of the cycling industry – the bakers and pastry chefs of Canada. We are forever indebted to these hardworking individuals who provide us with the essential nourishment that sustains us on our daily outings.

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Cycling in Canada

Canada Map

Canada has some of the best cycling in the world. Whether it’s a weekend club ride or a tour across the continent the scenery is often spectacular and always interesting.

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