Veneto Cycling Club


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In its fifth year the club has grown to over 150 members. The word is out in the cycling fraternity that VCC is a friendly and accommodating cycling club that welcomes all newcomers with open arms. VCC is comprised of several different touring groups, each offering a gradual set of challenges. All the Veneto Cycling Club group rides are organized in packs of 6-12 cyclists grouped according to speed, distance, ability and interest.

Pink – women’s group for those who prefer to ride with other women
Green – distance 30-40 km avg speed 20-22 km/hr and distance 40-50 km – avg speed 24-25 avg
Light Blue – distance approx. 60 km – avg speed 26 km/hr
Blue – distance approx. 80 km – avg speed 27-28 km/hr
Red– distance 80-85 km – avg speed 29 km/hr
Gold– distance 90-100 km – avg speed 29-30 km/hr
Diamond – distance approx. 100 km+ – avg speed 30 km/hr+

  • Type of Riding or Bikes : Road/Touring

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