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THE “Dutch Touch”

Serving Regina since 1963. Family owned and operated. Over 100 years cycling experience. The best bike shop located in the Regina Warehouse district. Family owned and operated for 54 years. Voted best bike shop in Regina for over a decade in a row. Bikes and bike related gear only. Open year round with seasonal fall/winter hours.

Products:  Bicycles, Bicycle Repair, Bicycle Parts, Bicycle Accessories, Cycling Clothing, Sunglasses, Indoor Training Solutions, Bicycle Fitting Services

The “Dutch Touch” is another way of saying “Tune-Up”. They believe we are the best at what we do, so the “Touch” is as good as it gets! Their service policy is free labor for a year after purchase to help your bike break in smoothly. Dutch’s offers a range of selection at point of purchase on tires, saddles, and grips to enhance your experience.

  • Features for Cyclists : Bike Tools, Pump
  • Type of Riding or Bikes : Road/Touring, Randonneuring, Mountain, Racing

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