Coffeeneuring 2020

Cup of cofffee with bicycle wheel

In 2020 Coffeeneuring celebrated its 11th anniversary and attracted cyclists from around the world. What is coffeeneuring? Find out and read about one cyclist’s experience.

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Cycle Tour Protocols During COVID-19

Bicycle and Face Mask

There are no specific regulations directed at cycle tour operators in Canada. Cycle Canada, with over 30 years experience, has taken the lead in establishing the high standard of operations our customers should expect.

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Tour de Treats

Ice cream cones

As believers in the adage “Drink Before You’re Thirsty, Eat Before You’re Hungry” we pay tribute to some very important members of the cycling industry – the bakers and pastry chefs of Canada. We are forever indebted to these hardworking individuals who provide us with the essential nourishment that sustains us on our daily outings.

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Cycling in Canada

Canada Map

Canada has some of the best cycling in the world. Whether it’s a weekend club ride or a tour across the continent the scenery is often spectacular and always interesting.

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