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Blog Roll May 2020

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Each month we’ll do a round-up of useful and Interesting articles about cycling.

Our Favourite Cycling Movies

Looking for a movie about cycling? Here’s a great database which plots the movie on a world map and gives the link to view on YouTube. Some are clips and some the full movie. . . . Our favourite cycling movies

Check if Your Bike is Safe to Ride

The M Check: How To Make Sure Your Bike Is Safe Before You Ride

Looking Out for One Another on Wheels

“How is the coronavirus crisis impacting wheelchair users and other people with mobility issues?”

“What’s vital is that the new temporary infrastructure doesn’t have a negative impact on those that are already vulnerable, such as blind and visually impaired people and others with mobility issues.” Maureen Morrison

. . . read the article from Cycling UK

Electric Cargo Bikes are a Thing

“Taking the kids to the park? Pick up something on the other side of town? Choose, reserve and cycle away.” Cargo bikes are a great idea and now electric cargo bikes are catching on. Companies such as DHL in Belgium, Seattle, Taiwan and elsewhere have integrated the bikes into their systems. And everyday use Cargoroo is offering a rental service . . . . read more

How Coronavirus is Propelling a ‘Bicycle Boom’ Across the U.S.

“Bike shop owners in cities like D.C., Chicago and San Francisco are experiencing an unexpected surge in sales and interest. Here’s how they’re handling it.” Watch the Video from the Washington Post.

Bicycle Safer Journey :: Ages 5-9

“First, students can watch the video to see three kids learn how to get ready to ride, pick when and where to ride and the importance of riding with an adult or older sibling.

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Airport Shuttle Express who offers cycling friendly shuttle services in Alberta, Canada.

Big Bike Giveaway who is making a real difference in London, Ontario Canada by supporting Essential Workers.