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Blog Roll April 2020

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Each month we’ll do a round-up of useful and Interesting articles about cycling.

What Kind of Bike Should I Get?

Along with the Global Pandemic has come a surge in cycling. If you are new to cycling or just getting back into it there’s lots of useful information to get you pedalling . . . from

Stitching Her Way Across Canada

“Terry Sheedy was a participant in the cross-Canada ride Tour du Canada in 2018. Tour du Canada is a cross-Canada ride that travels through all 10 Canadian provinces in the high summer months. During her ride, Terry collected fabrics as she cycled across the country traveling from the west coast of Canada to the east coast” . . . read more

The Pandemic Could Be an Opportunity to Remake Cities

“Cities from Bogota to Oakland are closing streets to make room for pedestrians and bikers. Urbanists think we’d be healthier if such changes were permanent “. . . from Wired Magazine

Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bike

“Teaching your child to ride a bike is a huge moment for any parent, so you’ll want to make sure you get it right.” Video from Isla Rowntree a former racer leads you to the first WOW! moment with your child . . . watch now

Scharader V Presta: What’s Your Choice of Inner Tube?

“your choice of wheels and tyres will govern what inner tube you need. So here we’ll explain how to pick the right inner tube every time and reveal the one area where personal preference actually can come into effect.” . . . from Evans Cycles

Belgian-Dutch Study: Why in times of COVID-19 you should not walk/run/bike close behind each other

“What is a safe distance when running, biking and walking during COVID-19 times? It is further than the typical 1–2 meter as prescribed in different countries!” . . . from Jurgen Thoelen on

A Budget Guide To Indoor Riding

“I’m now focused on indoor riding . .. , so I thought I’d share my tips on how to do this on a budget.” . . . from Women Who Cycle

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